De-Light means being with the Light
This Inward Experience lets you encounter the Light within – while the
Outer Excursion shows you how life blends harmoniously with nature

This retreat is for you if

∞ You want to have a body-mind-soul-spirit approach to life
∞ You need an energy boost
∞ You are looking for the meaning of life

The Excursion

Become a Light explorer and feel what it means to truly experience Kyoto.

Break out of passive travel experiences and fully engage, discover and explore.

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Ko’s Corner

Throughout the Excursion, Ko will teach physical exercise, breathing, and meditation. Learn about the importance of connecting with nature and improving your health. And you can discover Kyoto through fresh organic vegetables grown in neighboring villages

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About Us

Open up to the De-Lightful Experience as we accompany you to Explore, Discover, and Be Amazed at the culture and spirit of Kyoto-ites.

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