The Four Soul Types

Origin of The Four Elements

The Greek philosophers in the 8th Century formulated that the universe was made up of four elements – Fire, Air, Water and Earth. This concept was later proven by scientists in that these elements were the building blocks of life. They provide the important energy forces that created and sustained life.

The Four Elements And Soul Types

In addition to the physical body, the four elements are also present in the soul. The soul is the essence of a human being. The soul comes to this world to experience and express its greatest potentials. To this end, every soul chose a dominant element that became his or her soul type. In this way, a person can capitalize on their strongest qualities to being their greatest good.

In addition to the dominant element, a soul has his own mix of the other three elements. This makes each of us different and unique. The lesson is to learn from the other elements to complete yourself. You will become more balanced and amalgamated.

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