Air Soul (Mental)

Chakra & Color

Heart • Yellow


Breath. Transports water, heat, gas, smell, temperature. Harmonizer of the atmosphere. Helps sound move. Also, the element that connects with other elements.


Well-rounded approach. Probing approach to get a comprehensive or broader perspective. Can take in other viewpoints objectively, and unemotionally, even if they contradict with his/hers. Can step into other’s shoes. Idealistic. A perpetual state of learning. Curiosity. Balancing. Fairness. Co-operative. Transparent and invisible, so often neglected. Unstable. Can’t capture. Changeability. Needs to be free and open. Does not like to have burdens. Liberated from the norm.

To Strengthen the Air Soul:

Do grounding exercises. Organize life. Set goals and deadlines. Conclude when it is time. Put things into practice/Act on things. Learn from other soul types. Color/Chakra meditation.