Earth Soul (Physical)

Chakra & Color

Root • Green


From Earth’s soil grows the food that nourishes life, and when our time on Earth comes to an end, we return to that very same soil. Connected to mother nature. Forms the foundation for other elements. It is an inherent need that is present in all of us. Densest of all elements.


Hard work. Prefers an unchanging routine. Not a risk-taker, so prefer things tangible. Preserves physical security. Good at analyzing and assessing things material. A simple and logical approach.
Ex: Stays in a job due to financial security. Material creations are most important; possessions/acquisitions of material things. Passive. Reliable. Likes to execute the ideas of others with unerring precision. Tends to be preoccupied with the destination rather than the journey. Prefers having a strong-bond family. In isolation, they risk becoming workaholics, materialistic, stubborn or petty, running one way down the “all work and no play” cul-de-sac of life.

To Strengthen the Earth Soul:

Have hobbies. Take unplanned breaks/vacations. Do something without an agenda. Learn from other soul types. Color/Chakra meditation.


Farmers, gardeners, firemen, lifeguard, vet, animal rescues, facilitator/networker